Where does my money go?

Generally this is said with a hint of resolution that said funds did not end up in a high yielding investment or stashed away in some clever choices that didn’t involve shoes or handbags. When it comes to the end of the financial year and you can see in black and white what you’ve actually earned during the year, this question comes to mind with a hint of regret and resolve to do better…next year.

But with Our Working Life, it takes on a different meaning. A 10% portion of the money coming in from BAS agent services and bookkeeping goes into helping the RSPCA and Wildcare.

These organisations are my passions. They are my “why”.

So, to be transparent, here is the run down of our story so far.

Each month a direct donation goes straight to RSPCA. We are sitting on a modest $50 per month for the last few months, but as at 1 June, will be increased to $100 per month. As RSPCA exists entirely on donations and no government funding, we are making a contribution to the $100 million it takes to care for those in need.

The funding going to Wildcare is quite direct and personal as it assists for the Brushtail Possums I have in care on a constant basis. The possums that I have been asked to care for are generally orphaned joeys that have lost their mothers in road accidents and are unable to live outside of a pouch and need specialised formula, sometimes 6-7 times a day….yes…that makes for coffee to be on constant supply in those times. (NB: OWL does not fund the coffee…shame hey?)

The possum babies are then kept in various sized aviaries until they reach a maturity that they can be released and slowly adjust back into the wild. From woe to go, that takes about 4-5 months. During this time, I need to have a consistent supply of marsupial formula, fresh fruit and veg, enough native plants to provide daily fresh leaf as well as the cost of supplying housing. To date I have received a grant from Brisbane City Council for $500 for an amazing aviary that to me is like Versace Possum Hotel!

And of course, every member of Wildcare Australia is a volunteer. From the carers like myself, through to the President, the trainers, the hotline people and the amazing rescue members who are first on the scene in often dangerous and unpredictable situations.

So that’s my answer to that question. But words do not capture what a photograph can. So here’s some of the possum joeys that have been in my care and then all released into nature. A couple come back to visit sometimes but hopefully they are all too busy  being wild to care!





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