Is “fake it till you make it” really such a great idea?

We have all heard the expression, to pretend we have it all going on, even when the world may be crashing down around us. Or have you been that duck, floating calmly across the pond while your legs are doing the washing-machine-spin-cycle under water.

But is this phrase just giving the world a false impression, similar to those instagram feeds that have filters altering reality? Who is really eating their yoghurt and muesli in buddha bowl patterns EVERY DAY!!!

And who hasn’t been the one at the meeting or party, not knowing many people, and inwardly cringing and wishing they were back on the couch with a glass of wine and Netflix? We have all been there. And yet in a business situation, you better rock up to that meeting or you will be spending more time on that couch than you may really want.

So off we go and show up. And in this situation, walking calmly into the meeting or after work drinks and masking a little self confidence is not a bad thing in my opinion. A smile and a few head nods and you have made it over the threshold. You are in. You are doing it. You Go Girl/Boy! And before you know it, the meeting has started and no one is the wiser that you are anything other than the professional ass kicker that you have presented.

But what about that CV. Have you embellished? Have you polished those skills up a little in order to get through the door? Or were the skills you had 15 years ago maybe a little dusty but, BOOM, there they are, shining out on your application like you were just kicking those goals yesterday.

I’m thinking this is a dangerous place to be and can generally end up causing more damage further along. In the last, say, 10 years, there has been so much advancement in technology, that the skills you may have acquired a number of years ago, although brilliant and worthy, may need to be adjusted to suit the current trends.

An example is my field of accounting and bookkeeping. The last couple of years, the cloud based formats have changed the profession almost unrecognisably. The fact is that our dealings now with the Australian Taxation Office are via portals, AusKeys and MyGov accounts and rarely is paper the preferred method of communication. And I can tell you from experience, there are skills in this area that take time to cultivate. This is not something you can fake and learn on the run once you have the job!

So, fake it till you make it? Sure fake that you have the confidence to stand in front of an audience an present that speech or even that you can get a whole business plan done in 24 hours…and THEN bust your butt getting that thing done!

But in a skill set? I prefer to be honest with what I know and put the effort into expanding that knowledge every day.

Then I won’t need to ever fake it cause I’ll have already made it!

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