Your book report is due today!

Do you remember hearing that phrase in school and breaking out in a cold sweat? I sure do. Now don’t get me wrong. I still have a very healthy reading habit, often known to have at least two on the go at any one time. And I’d rather not go into the fact that I have never passed a newsagent without feeling the urge to get a glossy mag and pour over it and sneakily sniff the perfume satchels. Mmmmmm……samples……

But I digress.

Fiction books. Love ’em. Business books. Snore. Generally the best way to fall asleep while still looking halfway smart.

Black and white picAt least that what I’ve always thought. Until recently I’ve noticed some pretty clever people have realised that not all self-help business books need to be filled with appendix’s and graphs.

One such book that I will probably read again and again is Daring and Disruptive by Lisa Messenger of The Collective magazine. (See! Not all time was wasted in those news stands.) Messenger has written a whole collection of amazing, quick to read and inspiring books that give sound advice to self starters to get off the couch and try that winning idea out. And then what to do if that first attempt fails, how to stay off the couch and try again with a different approach.

Now this is something I can get my teeth into. My previous attempts at reading business books never told me what to do if things went awry. How to get back up. How to be a survivor.

My second pick of amaze-balls books is Words That Sell by Richard Bayan. Yes, this can be a book to read…but is more a reference book that’s handy for writing those letters, putting together your ads and stepping away from your computers thesaurus into something much more magical. It’s divided up into sections ranging from Teasers to Justifying a High Price. Intrigued? Many people have also been as its been around for donkeys years!

So, that’s my book report for the week. I hope its given you something new to try. But, I’m still not ready to give up the trashy mags for The Financial Review… steps.





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